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  •   该机为切段式甘蔗收获机,采用履带式行走底盘,行走及工作系统均为液压驱动,采用机、电、液压一体化控制技术,作业效率高,工作可靠。用于甘蔗的收获作业,可依次完成切梢、扶倒、切割、喂入、输送、切段、杂物分离、集蔗等作业。
      This machine is a chopping sugarcane harvester, adopting crawler walking chassis and using hydraulic to power the walking and working system. Using integrated control technology of mechanic, electricity and hydraulic it is of high operating efficiency and reliability when harvesting. It can successively complete the operations such as cane top cutting, lodged cane lifting and branching, root cutting, feeding, conveying, chopping, removing cane leaves and other impurities from cane billets, andgathering cane billets into the collector.
      Harvesting mde: chopping
      配套动力Power equipped:97 kW(130HP)
      生产率Efficiency:>5 t/h
      含杂率Percentage of trash:<10%
      损失率Loss rate:<5%
      宿根破头率Rate of stubble breakage:<15%
      蔗段长度Billet length:200~300 mm
      吨蔗燃油耗Fuel consumption:<2.5L/t
      适用行距Adaptable inter-row distance:≥ 900 mm
      结构重量Weight:7000 kg
      外形尺寸(长×宽×高)Overall dimensions:8500× 2250×3750 mm
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